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I have been on a conscious spiritual development path since 2000. After practicing bioenergy, cosmoenergy, and various forms of yoga, I am now an active practitioner of Kundalini meditation and the meditative healing art ‘Sat Nam Rasayan’. I am passionate about sharing knowledge and experience with everyone who seeks, questions, explores themselves and the world.

The path

7-day meditation retreat 'ReMan' with Guru Dev (Yukatan, Mexico)
Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 with Karam Kriya School, 180-hour programme certified by Kundalini Research Institute (Volendam, Netherlands)
• XVIII International Sat Nam Rasayan Retreat with Guru Dev, 3-9 December (Perugia, Italy)
• 50-year anniversary Summer Solstice Sadhana at Guru Ram Das Puri, 13-22 June (New Mexico, USA)
Three Min Start; certified 20-hour Teacher Training of short anti-stress meditations with MahanKirn
6-day meditation retreat 'Kundalini Surjhee ' with Guru Dev, 27 April – 1 May (Venlo, Netherlands)
Kundalini Yoga Practice in Cape Hill Gurdwara (Birmingham, United Kingdom)
• Meditative Healing Training Level 1 with Jerome Shankar and Kahita Hari Nam (Riga, London, Tallinn). Exam with Sadhu at Guru Ram Das Puri (New Mexico, USA)
• Meditative Healing Training Level 2 with Siri Ram and Sat Atma (Amsterdam)
• Workshops with the Master of Sat Nam Rasayan Guru Dev in Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Rome, Cologne, Paris.

Kundalini Yoga

Meditative Healing

Alternative Education



Amazing, Inna, how you can guess our feeling states. When we needed to wake up – we woke up; when we needed to balance emptions – we balanced the emotions. Thank you very much! I really like it!
Anna E
I’m very happy to have had this healing. It’s been the second time. I felt straight away the healing energy where I need it most (my legs). The heaviness of my leg disappear and felt lighter with no pain. I saw a very bright light as well.
Iliana T
Yes, such a nice positive start of the day, for both body and mind. Highly advised. Easy exercises and breathing practices help to balance, energise and tune into a good day.
Julia G
At a certain point, I felt more calm, and started feeling a lot of confidence and courage to the extent I did not feel before. I felt so much inner power and confidence, it was just wonderful. It just doesn’t happen to me! I didn’t have this super natural experience before! I am super grateful!
Cristiane Z
Inna, thank you for the meditation practice today! I have discovered new feelings for myself 😉 It turns out devoting just 30 minutes to yourself and own breath, concentration on feelings in our life is not that easy, especially when we are always in a rush. ))) Friends, please join!
Galina S
It was awesome, great experience! I felt extremely relaxed and room environment was great. I was thirsty afterwards (perhaps due to dehydration I was not aware of).
Will H


There are thousands of yoga teachers around the world and millions of happy practitioners. How do you know which teacher to choose? Well, you can have a look at their Instagram profile, the way they write and market themselves… Yet, seeing the essence and authenticity is more important than any modern age marketing tricks. The best way to find out is to join a free course and see whether a teacher is aligned with your soul vibrations, whether you transform in his/her space and feel the light within you.