What is Sat Nam Rasayan?

Sat Nam Rasayan is an ancient meditative healing art based on the state of awareness and extra-sensory perception. In Sanskrit, it means ‘deep relaxation in the Divine’ or ‘oneself rising to the essence of True Identity’. Using her meditative mind, a healer enters the state of Shuniya, or profound silence. In this state, the healer can become aware of and release resistances that cause emotional or physical pain in a patient. Those, who ask to be healed, may even experience the natural meditative mind of a yogi.
While the origins of this art are unknown, it has been transmitted for centuries in silence from a master to a disciple. The space of Sat Nam Rasayan is currently held and developed by students of Guru Dev, the Master.

When you grow into Sat Nam Rasayan, every experience in your life will appear like an infinite possibility. That is the characteristic of the neutral mind. ” — Guru Dev

Breathe, Listen

How Does a Healing Session Happen?

The session can happen either remotely or in a face-to-face meeting. A patient lays down, relaxes and does nothing. The healer sits next to a patient, enters the state of Shuniya, focuses on the patient and their issue. The healer’s mind becomes transcendent, and in the vastness of the universal consciousness the healing process can happen. In case of a remote session, the healer talks to a patient beforehand, and arranges a convenient time for the healing.

“All you know is what you feel.”
- Guru Dev

How I came to Sat Nam Rasayan

The Healer's Journey

Through my uncle Simon, I got introduced to a naturally powerful, humble, and authentic healer. She was already over 70, she did not belong to any traditions though she admitted Christian Orthodox lineage as the one very close to the TRUTH. After vising this healer several times, I felt so uplifted and connected to the Divine like never before. Sadly, she passed away soon after we met… but I still remember her healing space. I also remember a book that her assistant, also a healer, gave to me after she passed away. The book is called “Amon Ra. The legend about a stone” by Shalva Amonashvilli. It is a story of a young boy who was able to heal people with a single touch. The prototype of this character is Jesus Christ. The story is about compassion for people and all their ‘sins’, about humbleness, patience and, of course, Divine Love.

Healing with a single touch and this image of a possibility to heal through compassion remained with me right until I heard from a family constellations specialist about Sat Nam Rasayan in general terms. A healer touches a patient and heals through the deep state of meditative silence. Wow! (Goosebumps) The Amon Ra story! I was amazed and intrinsically motivated to attend the Sat Nam Rasayan teaching sessions.

In the first class, I understood nothing about how this system might work. But what I clearly felt is a hearty connection to the Sacred Space of healing. That was the beginning of a story that led me to live, work, travel, learn and practice Sat Nam Rasayan in many countries (Estonia, Finland, United Kingdom, USA, Netherlands, Italy). I have been blessed to learn from the Master of this healing art, Guru Dev Singh (Hector Cano), and to learn from his best students.


There are thousands of yoga teachers around the world and millions of happy practitioners. How do you know which teacher to choose? Well, you can have a look at their Instagram profile, the way they write and market themselves… Yet, seeing the essence and authenticity is more important than any modern age marketing tricks. The best way to find out is to join a free course and see whether a teacher is aligned with your soul vibrations, whether you transform in his/her space and feel the light within you.