Meditation for Manifestation

Have you ever wondered how wishes or dreams come true, have you also wondered why they don’t?

This course is designed especially for you! We all live in a material world, and even most avid meditators entertain earthly wishes. The gist is in our ability to tune our inner system with the flow of the Universe, allowing a necessary set of circumstances to happen.

During the course, we will experience how to do that using Kundalini meditation, bionenergy and mental programming techniques.      

Meditation is one of the most powerful techniques of inner transformation. It helps reduce stress, deal with anxiety and depression, even reach heightened states of bliss. However, little is known about the potential of the so called ‘projective meditative mind’ in which we can transform the reality around us, create circumstances and events favourable to fulfilling our earthly wishes.

This course offers to combine meditative practice with a specific goal setting methodology. At the first stage, we work with the subconscious and the feeling states through meditation. At the second stage, we utilise the generated energy and the cleared inner space to literally programme what we need or want. The course is suitable for beginners and advanced meditation practitioners alike.


Inna Kozlinska

Inna has been on a conscious spiritual development path since 2000. After practicing bioenergy, cosmoenergy, and various forms of yoga, she is now an active practitioner of Kundalini meditation. Inna is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience with everyone who seeks, questions, explores themselves and the world

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Course Includes

  • 10 Lessons